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Social Advertising.

What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook advertising is one of the fastest-growing channels within the digital media landscape, and it’s one of the most cost-effective too. Facebook is no longer a channel that businesses can ignore, as this is where their audience is and where they are making their buying decisions.

The cornerstone to any successful Facebook advertising campaign is setting up targeting and reporting correctly, otherwise you can’t track and optimise your activity. It’s certainly a crowded platform on Facebook with more than 50mil businesses interacting on the platform, and entertaining your audience.

Businesses are seeing their marketing campaigns transformed with our bespoke, creative and carefully crafted approaches, so speak with our social team today to see how we can bring your brand to life through Facebook advertising.

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What is Instagram advertising?

Today a picture really does say 1000 words, and when it comes to Instagram – pictures are the name of the game. At least 30% of Instagram users have purchased a product or service through Instagram, and the format of the platform makes advertising to users more genuine and approachable given the photographic content that drives interest.

The platform is one of the preferred social media channels for businesses too, currently boasting the highest levels of engagement of any social media avenue, with 2-7% of users interacting with each post. If you are not there and sharing your brand story, whose posts are your audience engaging with?

It may sound simple, but setting up your advertising correctly requires experience and many business operators can’t identify the difference between an incorrect campaign and a great campaign. Talk to Targeted 360 Digital today to see how we can help, and let’s get more engagement funnelled to your business.

What is Linkedin advertising?

LinkedIn has become a powerhouse with over 450 million professionals on LinkedIn, and is quickly becoming one of the most used platforms with its users transcending generations. When it comes to LinkedIn advertising, there is more to it than just throwing out an ad. It starts with ensuring your staff pages and company pages are SEO friendly with a cohesive message throughout.

Your ads should be effectively building brand awareness, generating leads, making sales and achieving long-term customers with a clear, effective LinkedIn marketing strategy. We are fortunate to work with some clients who command a presence on LinkedIn, and we can help you develop the LinkedIn marketing strategy to get in front of the people that matter to you.

What is Youtube advertising?

Video is becoming an increasingly important marketing tool in the current media landscape. About a third of all online activity is now spent watching/streaming videos. Now, this shouldn’t scare businesses, as video can be a very engaging and suggestable way to get through to your audience.

Over a billion people across the world actively use YouTube, making it the second biggest search engine in the world. When you start seeing YouTube as a search engine, not unlike Google, you will start to see it for the opportunity it is.

You should be doing regular YouTube video advertising, and that doesn’t matter what your business type is. When you offer a more engaging, exciting way to present your brand, people listen. And no, the world isn’t just watching cat videos. 59% of executives choose to watch the video over reading text, as this is where industry leaders have got their start and continued to inspire the masses. Let’s start your YouTube journey.

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