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Google Remarketing.

Turn window shoppers into on-line shoppers with our Google Remarketing campaigns.

Retargeting ads give you the ability to show targeted ads to those potential customers that have already shown an interest in your business, so you are marketing to a warm lead rather than picking a person at random. These ads can be changed based on your customer’s actions showing the right ad at the right time, and they can be so layered that you are essentially nurturing them through the sales pipeline. Don’t be left wondering why a person visited your site or app but didn’t finalise a conversion, and show them ads that will continue decision making as they journey around the web.

The more customers that see your ad the more likely they are to make a purchase – it really is that simple. What brands don’t realise is that it can take roughly 15 interactions for someone to make a purchase, so you need to be consistent with your remarketing ads. The average conversion rate of an online store is 2.95% – and this number grows as your audience does. Giving your potential customers a gentle reminder of your business is the best way to get them to make a purchase, otherwise, you risk getting lost in the noise and forgotten about. Or worse, they make a conversion with a competitor who committed to a remarketing strategy.

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