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Microsoft Ads.

Bing is less competitive than Google, and results can come quickly at a lower cost.

You might not think of Bing when it comes to growing your business, but Google’s little brother still commands a relevant number of searches in Australia on Desktop devices. Roughly 7% of the search market share worldwide was through Bing on desktops, which is a real opportunity for businesses to leverage this lesser-known platform and reach the audience that is not being adequately marketed to.

The goal of any business is to reach as many people as possible, which makes Bing an essential part of your online advertising mix. If you don’t know too much about the platform or how to leverage it, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of our Bing specialists.

Bing works just like Google Ads, so if your already getting results from your current PPC (Pay Per Click) strategy, then you should talk to Targeted 360 about Bing Advertising and we can bring a successful campaign to market.

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