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In creating your strategy, we specialise in delivering effective PPC (Google Ads, Display, Remarketing and Google Shopping) campaigns.

Reaching the sweet spot when it comes to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is no great mystery, but it doesn’t come easy. With razor-sharp Google and Facebook Ads management, all businesses can take the leap faster than you might expect.

For instant cut-through and results you can see, choose an SEM agency that knows its way around Google and Facebook. With PPC advertising, you only pay for the clicks you want, from the customers that are searching for you. After all, why should you pay for a lead that won’t convert?

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Generate more leads.

Google Ads

Our team of google ad developers are highly trained to develop engaging google advertisements to assist with promoting your business, its services, products or campaigns.

Display Ads

Through ad targeting and distribution technology Targeted 360 Digital will optimise Google banner ads for your business showing audiences the right message, at the right time.


Retargeting ads give you the ability to show targeted ads to customers that have already shown an interest in your business, so you’re marketing to a warm lead rather than picking a person at random.

Google Shopping

We work by optimising your Google Shopping feed management, getting your products shown in the results of relevant search queries and encouraging more shoppers to click on your products.

Microsoft Ads

Bing works just like Google Ads and whilst it has a much smaller market share it should be an essential part of your online advertising mix to ensure greater success with an increased ROI.

Social Advertising

Social advertising is particularly effective at driving engagement and conversions. Social platforms offer a treasure trove of highly specific user data & audiences can be defined based on past behaviour

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